The missing room

The missing room is a YouTube channel devoted to art videography where photography, video, painting and sound, creating a strange and parallel universe where what is missing is expressed and makes sense.

Yeo Dong Hun

WELCOME TO PARADISE – WATERFALL – May 2021 – Text review for artist Yeo Dong Hun – Seoul – KR

Yeo Dong-hun’s painting is graceful, complex, and naive. It’s an invitation to a journey into a dizzying and colorful childhood.

The waterfalls, literally and figuratively, evoke me Niagara Falls as much as the majestic organs of European cathedrals. The colored waves suggest life, movement, stories & the vagaries of life. All of them ending their fall in a static electric blue of wisdom, wrapping us in peace and tranquility. Yeo Dong-hun’s work is clearly influenced by the pop art movement.

As some say, « in One Brushstroke, Lichtenstein tells the Story of Pop Art ». Yeo Dong-hun made this sentence his own and brilliantly express it. That’s why we can cross these currents and at the bend of pop colors, meet characters & various vehicles having the same goal. They encourage us to follow them and, despite tumults and pitfalls, eventually reach this promised land we can discern on the horizon.

Anne Schweitzer

Lena Piani

Silhouette model for the corsican artist Lena Piani.

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