Anna Schweitzer started drawing and painting at a very young age. She was inspired by her father’s landscape paintings very early on.
In her creations, she evokes a memory, a dream, a construction or a deconstruction rather than showing. She’s trying to combine reality with her imagination where ideas and memories are pulled appart and recomposed. Her paintings are often abstract, her images distorted to provide a space where viewers can decide what they see and feel. Digital photography becomes a tool for her painting ideas.

Since 2019, Anna Schweitzer shows her work in different countries around the world.

Themes central to her work, whether in painting, photography, drawing or videography, are introspection, identity through dreams images, a kind of altered memories, death and rebirth.

She reveals herself in her creations. Her art shows an assumed form of melancholy, an expression of her inner self.

Anna was born in Poland and raised in France. Currently she lives and works in Alsace as a visual artist.

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